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        My passion and love photography started at an early age. When I was 11, my parents took my brother and I to Saratoga Springs for the horse races. My dad gave my brother and I $5 to bet on whichever horses we wanted. I randomly boxed in 3 horses and ended up winning $100, which I used to buy my first digital camera.

        Until I was about 15 I (annoyingly) took pictures of everything and anything. But what I could never get enough of was putting people infront of the camera. I loved to capture expressions. This started with getting my friends to *model* for me. I would hang up bed sheets in the backyard of my house with duct tape and a ladder, which became my backdrop. I would experiment with everything, throwing paint at my friends for example (boy did my Mom love that I ruined her sheets). I don't think I ever thought, "this is what I want to do for the rest of my life", but then at age 17 it hit me. I started booking gigs, and I LOVED it. At 18 I booked my first wedding, and from there, I was hooked.

        In 2012 I graduated from high school and headed off to college in North Carolina. I graduated from High Point University in May of 2016 with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design and Digital Imaging with minors in Marketing, Photography, and Philosophy. After graduation I went full force into my graphic design and photography business and have been doing it ever since.

        Why do I love photography? Well....I could write a novel but...every single person has a unique story and a unique connection, and I absolutely love capturing them all. While I'm shooting with a client I love to learn as much as I can about them. I love to share stories and joke around and ultimately not only be just a photographer in your eyes, but a friend. I have met so many amazing people being a photographer, and I wouldn't give it up for the world.

        I truly love what I do. In fact, I absolutely can not get enough of it. Your hair getting crazy messy in the wind, your husband's first look as you walk down the aisle, your baby bump growing and growing and eventually getting to see that little one welcomed into the world. I don't want to just take your picture. I want to capture your true essence, I hope to tell a story with all of my photographs. This isn't just a job to me, it is my passion.

        Other than photography (as if I have any other passions) I love being outside, especially the mountains, which I think is why my favorite portrait sessions are in unique scenic environments. I was spoiled enough to live only an hour from the White Mountains in New Hampshire. I grew up spending my summer's by the lake and spent my winters skiing the mountains. Growing up in New Hampshire really helped me as a photographer to see the beauty in portraits outside of the typical studio setting.

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        Not only do I love to share work I have done with my clients, but I also love to share my daily adventures with my friends and family. Mostly because I literally can not go ANYWHERE without my camera. Click on the button below to view my personal blog!


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